Descent of the Ardeche Gorges by canoe or kayak.
canoe en ardeche


Online booking

The transport of our clients is assured by our mini buses or by car
Departure from Saint Martin, "Le Moulin".

Times: 1 day descents, advised time 8.30 am
2 day descents - to be chosen between 8.30 am/11 am/2 PM
These times can be modified according to demand
Only constraint: it is forbidden to enter the gorges after 6 PM.

les gorges de l'ardeche
You can park your vehicles in total security: the parking is free and private. Locked garage for motorbikes and your vehicles are there upon your return. No fixed constraints for the time of return.

To sleep in the Gorges, you must stop at the reserved Bivouac areas of Gaud or Gournier. On these areas you will find sanitary blocks, drinking water, barbecues with coal. You can buy the reservation tickets for the nights at our departure office.
You must take food as required by the time you will be spending in the Gorges, a sleeping bag, tent and warm clothes if you are going to spend the night. During the day the best clothing is a pair of shorts or swimming trunks and sports shoes you can wear in the water. we will provide you with special containers for transporting your clothes.

Rental of neoprene suits upon forward reservation.

In situ bar snack restaurant pizzeria for your needs, and packed meals to take with you.

07700 Saint-Martin d’Ardèche
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